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Father and Son Score a Game-Used Yankees’ Bat, But Only One of Them Cares

Funny and Happy

Yesterday must have been national Give a Fan a Bat day … or something.

First Yasiel Puig made a Dodgers fan stick to his promise of doing 50 push-ups on the field for a bat, and then Didi Gregorius slipped his bat to a father/son combo sitting in the front row at Yankee Stadium. The difference (of reaction) between the two, however, was quite noticeable.


See if you can spot the difference:

“Can we just see a Marvel movie, next time, Dad”

At first, the father is completely taken off guard, but is eventually blown away by his new prized mantle-piece (you know that’s where it’s going … sorry, “Grandma and Grandpa’s Wedding Photo,” and “Timmy at the beach”). The son, however, couldn’t really care less, could he? I mean, it’s not as though the dad looks ready to give it up any time soon (and everyone has their own thing), but still, you have to be somewhat blown away by that, right?

I mean, if that were my dad and I, he would have already threatened to throw it back into the dugout, if I didn’t stop swinging it around while pretending I was Sammy Sosa (there, now you should know about how old I am and how annoying I was).




Michael Cerami

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