The Very Best of 2016: What Was The Most Memorable Moment?

I’ll keep this introduction short, because the video is what you came here for and it’s a good one.

I will say that in a season that has at once felt long, but is somehow already over, there sure were a heck of a lot of special moments. Some were funny, some were sad, some were awe-inspiring, but they’ve all combined to create (what feels like) an especially notable year.

Ortiz, Scully, Ichiro, Fernandez, Rodriguez, Colon, Odor v. Bautista … just their last names invoke immediate, specific memories. Relive all of them (and many more) below. As far as video highlight packages go, this is one of the good ones:

For me, it was Dee Gordon’s home run after the passing of Jose Fernandez, but what was it for you?


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