No Baseball? Let A.J. Pierzynski and Johnny Damon Fill Your Eyeballs with Wrestling

Now that the Chicago Cubs have won the World Series, I have no trouble bringing up the White Sox’s title back in 2005 – gosh that was so long ago, that poor franchise and fanbase – and the way the players celebrated afterwords.

For example, after hitting a robust .262/.340/.571 with three homers in just 48 plate appearances during the 2005 postseason, White Sox catcher (and expert fake pitch-framer) A.J. Pierzynski tried his hand at professional wrestling, and he wasn’t half bad … after all, he has the temperament:

Whoops. Wrong Video. Not sure how that got in there.

Here’s the one I meant to share:

Everything about this exchange is just so perfect, but did you manage to catch Johnny Damon in there? That’s – by far – my favorite part: “Johnny Damon just handed Pierzysnki … a home plate, it looked like!”




… because all baseball players walk around with a spare home plate. I suppose you never can know when a pickup game might start or a fellow MLB player needs to smash someone over the head.


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