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Wowzers in Me Trousers! If Baseball Announcers Were British …


Baseball is America’s pastime; it always has been, it always will be.

In fact, I’ll go so far as to say baseball is the greatest sport on Earth. I mean after all, the only thing everyone else has is cricket and accidentally calling soccer “football” – like that makes any sense.


Fortunately – for the rest of the world – we Americans can be quite philanthropic. But unfortunately – again, for them, not us – we tend to like things the way they are. Which is why I think these (fake) British announcers may not have quite figured out what it means to call a game just yet.

So throw on some headphones, make sure your boss is in that meeting for another two minutes, and have yourself a laugh. It’s Friday, you deserve it:

Timeout: Did JON FREAKIN’ LESTER just attempt a pickoff throw!?

Resume: Like I said, they haven’t quite mastered the art of game-calling just yet, but I’m ready for them to keep trying. Eh, mate?

h/t /r/baseball


Michael Cerami

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