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Beast Mode: Kid Homers on Intentional Walk Pitch

Homers, Wild and Crazy

There is discussion that, in an effort to shave a little inaction off of the game, MLB may do away with the four-pitch intentional walk. Instead, a team will indicate their intention to send the batter on to first, and off he’ll go.

Maybe it’ll be worth it. After all, how often does something crazy happen on an intentional walk, right?


All right. So that’s one example. But Miguel Cabrera is uniquely special, and notoriously able to reach just about anything with authority. And it was just a one-run single. Pffft. No biggy.

Well, maybe it takes a kid to show us just how much damage could be done to an intentional ball (and how much damage could be done if we lost it):


To be fair, that was not a great intentional “ball,” as it nearly caught the plate. But dang, did you see that guy at the plate? I’d want to walk him, too. Kid is a monster. Well done.



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