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Thanks, Replay: Javy Baez (Almost) Made the Play of the 2016 Season

Incredible Plays, Wild and Crazy

What if I told you a candidate for last year’s best defensive play didn’t even result in an out?

That is how magical Cubs infielder Javy Baez is when he puts on his glove and takes to his defensive position.

Baez’s defense is poetry in motion; he goes after the ball aggressively, but does it in such a smooth, fluid motion. He might just be one of the most interesting defensive infielders alive.

I present to you Exhibit A:

Having the reaction time and range to get to that ball is one thing, but to deflect it to yourself and fire a strike to first from that position is otherworldly. Yet, it’s a base hit in the score book – thanks, replay.


But this is precisely what Baez does when he’s on the field – he makes the extraordinary look ordinary. Although, to be fair, sometimes he does the exact opposite.

Fortunately, it’s still just as fun to watch:


After falling down a Baez-inspired rabbit hole, it is evident that also applies to being able to turn the mundane activity of clicking links into something exciting.


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