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New MLB Spring Training Looks Unveiled, and I Say the Mariners and Cubs Win This Round


Spring Training is literally just a couple weeks away, and that means – among many other ACTUAL BASEBALL-RELATED GOODNESS things – new logos/jerseys/hats/styles and what-have-you is rolling out.

Chris Creamer of got the drop on the duds, and shared the new looks:


Immediately, that Mariners one is jumping out at me, because I’ve always been a fan of the trident M look:

I’m also digging that the Cubs angry bear logo back in use, and much loved by Cubs fans:

Also liking: the white front Rays sunburst (they have three new caps, ha!), the stark-looking Maple Leaf on the Blue Jays cap, and the insane Mr. Redlegs on the Reds cap.

What ones jump out at you?

Big League Stew offered a take this morning on all the changes/differences/details:




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