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GOTCHA! Brandon Phillips’ Fake Tag at Second Base Gives Juan Uribe a Scare

Funny and Happy

According to Ken Rosenthal, the Cincinnati Reds may finally be moving long-time second baseman Brandon Phillips to another team:

Phillips has played second base for the Reds for more than a decade now (2006-2016). And in that role, he became a three-time All-Star, while winning one Silver Slugger award, and four Gold Gloves.


In fact, he’s such a good defender, that he can get players out without even holding onto the ball … or so Juan Uribe thinks:


Those are exactly the sorts of shenanigans for which this website was made. I mean, look at Uribe’s reaction:

Well done, Mr. Phillips. Keep up the no-good.

As for Uribe, it could have been worse: Phillips could have used his butt to block your slide at second base.



Michael Cerami

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