Test Your Baseball Memory By Guessing Who Made These Famous Catches

Over at Cut4, Gemma Kaneko put together a fun little quiz, wherein you get to guess which glove man is making an “iconic catch,” by their silhouette alone.

Some were certainly easier than others – Ken Griffey Jr.’s stood out to me – but they aren’t all that easy. After all, I only got a 78%.

But before you get all high and mighty on me, let’s see if you can do better.

How many did you get? Probably like 77%, right? Yeah, that’s probably it.

If you had fun with that one, might I suggest checking out their previous installment: Guess the pitcher from a silhouette of his delivery:

I recall finding the pitchers to be much easier than the fielders, but that’s just me.

h/t Cut4.com


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