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Turning Batting Practice into a Terrifying Game of Dodgeball Because Why Not

Wild and Crazy

Hello, friends. How’s your Tuesday night treating you?

I would like to offer the following video to make it even slightly better – it’s dodgeball, being played with softball batting practice:

Dodgeball in the outfield? 😂😂

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Why is this a thing, you ask? I don’t know. Would I like to play, you ask? Well, I suppose it depends on if I’m doing the running or the swinging.

That said, I’m pretty agile. If I were out there in the outfield with those folks, I reckon I could easily avoid the ball. Now, if you asked me to man the hot corner and try to do crazy Matrix moves to avoid the screaming rockets?

Well, I could probably do that, too. I’m awesome.

Have a great night!


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