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Former Cubs Catcher David Ross Will Shake it On Dancing With the Stars!


I can’t imagine that there’s a ton of overlap between the readers of a site like this one and ABC’s hit show Dancing With the Stars … but there’s about to be.

Because, you see, when @DancingABC mentioned that the cast reveal was coming later this morning, I thought nothing of it.

But when they began revealing the cast, one “Star” caught my eye, World Series Champ David Ross:

Oh, yeah. Grandpa Rossy.


Now, to be fair, Ross has had his fair share of dancing experience …

… but I think this will be an entirely different animal.

Check out his big reveal, and the special message of “encouragement” from Anthony Rizzo.


Here’s Rizzo’s message separated:

With those unfamiliar, “Try not to suck!” probably sounded pretty harsh. We know better, though, as the Cubs famously used that phrase throughout their 2016 World Series season.

Onto what I think his chances of winning are? Well, if this is the best he’s got, I’m not too encouraged …

But it looks like his partner, Lindsay Arnold, will whip him into shape.

Now go forth and dance, Grandpa, dance your heart out!



Michael Cerami

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