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Could The Padres BEE Any More Scared of These Little Flying Insects?


I probably shouldn’t bee one to talk – given my ridiculous and undeniable fear of spiders – but I’ve never understood the world’s apparent and collective fear of bees. Granted, I haven’t been stung in a while, but I remember it beeing far from the end of the world.

But still, people are scared to death of those little black and yellow baddies. For example, and this is a true story, I know someone who actually broke their arm running away from a bee. Seriously. Broke their arm. Think about that.

And although most ballplayers like to think of themselves as big, tough dudes … it looks like their toughness doesn’t quite extend to yellow jackets.


“It was business as usual Tuesday evening, until we heard the warning. ‘Watch the Bees! Watch the Bees!’ Someone shouted … but it was too late.”

Check out some Padres players running away from bees in Spring Training exactly like school kids:

Curiously, after someone yelled “Get Down!” The players all huddled in a group beehind the fence … as if bees were incapable of flying at lower altitudes than 7 feet? Ah, well, disaster situations can make people act irrationally, I suppose.

Fortunately, the Padres don’t have to bee too embarrassed by their reaction, beecause they’re far from the only Major Leaguers who’ve shown their true fear.


In fact, a quick search of “Bee” in the video section returns 21 results … in the last three years alone! Clearly, baseball and bees have some beef.

Jason Heyward (2016 – Cubs):

Mike Carp (2014 – Yankees):

A.J. Pollock (2014 – Diamondbacks):

And it goes on and on: Dodgers (2014), Angels (2015), Royals (2015), etc.


But you can’t just exterminate the bees, of course, less you cross Ned Yost:

Buzz, buzz.



Michael Cerami

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