Save Some for the Majors: Shohei Ohtani Just Cranked a Monster Home Run

Shohei Ohtani, as you may know, was set to play in the on-going World Baseball Classic this year, but was a late scratch due to an ankle injury. We were all legitimately quite bummed to hear the news.

But he has healed up well-enough to play in his league’s version of Spring Training, where he just hit an absolutely mammoth home run to right field:

Holy. Crap.

If there happens to still be some fans out there unfamiliar with Ohtani, all you need to know is his nickname: “The Next Babe Ruth.” While I’m certain he has a VERY long way to go before he earns that moniker, he is well on his way.

Per Baseball America:

“Otani hit 22 home runs and slugged .588 as Hokkaido’s designated hitter last year. He also went 10-4, 1.86 with 174 strikeouts in 140 innings. One of the better power hitters in Nippon Professional Baseball, he also is the league’s hardest-ever thrower.

I can’t believe that there’s already “nothing left to say,” about a twenty-two year old pitcher/hitter who hasn’t even played a single inning in the Major Leagues, but that’s about where were at with Shohei Ohtani.

The dude just knows how to baseball.


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