Trevor Story’s Latest Diving Play Gets Better Every Time You Watch It

Not all flashy plays are created equal.

Some impress you right away, but fade from memory later on. Other’s stick with you forever. And still others … I don’t know, do something else. It doesn’t really matter, because none of those examples fit the next play.

This highlight – from Colorado Rockies shortstop Trevor Story – starts out by looking like a pretty standard, run-of-the-mill dive-n-flip special, but as the play develops, it gets more and more impressive – including the pretty nifty transfer from second baseman (and 2014 NL Gold Glover) DJ LeMahieu.

Check it out:

It get’s better every time I watch it.


We we’re thinking the same thing:

Oh, and later in the game …  some bees, uh, made these ballplayers hit the deck … like, hard:

The manliest of men.



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