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This Base Runner Skipped Third Base on Purpose and Got Away With It!

Wild and Crazy

While I don’t condone the cheating in the clip below, I do have to give credit where credit’s due … because this took some serious guts.

Watch this runner score on a squeeze play from second base, thanks to the fact that he doesn’t come anywhere close to the bag at third (almost certainly, and deviously, on purpose):

Well, then.


That’s a pretty illegal and sneaky move, but apparently it’s not entirely unheard of. Over at Reddit, one commenter added some context, claiming to have practiced the very same play before:

That’s a play I’ve practiced before. Although we never got to use it in a game.

Basically, the idea is that with two umpires, no one will pay attention to what’s going on at third. The home plate umpire will watch the plate and the field umpire watches first base to see what happens there.

So if you’re a runner at second, you can easily cut third base and go home, saving a few steps. No one should be watching you.

You really shouldn’t do something like that, because, well, cheating is stupid, but if you’re going to do it, be as successful as that baserunner. No one saw a thing.

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